Risk is an inevitable reality in contemporary business environment and its main characteristics i.e. uncertainty and consequence pose constant dilemma in front of key decision makers. Taking and managing risks is part of what organisations 'must do' to create profits and stakeholders value, however most of them neither fully understand the risks nor professionally manage the risks they are taking.

The ever increasing complexity in the political and socio economic environment, especially in the emerging economies warrants the organisations to safeguard against operational risks which involves evaluation of business strategy and the achievement of best practices by addressing the core functions of Risk i.e. understanding / defining Threat, addressing Vulnerabilities and minimising Consequences.

What we do

RECON-Risk Evasion & Control is a premium Risk and Business Management Consulting firm providing best in class, comprehensive and customized independent services to the private, public, government and non-government sector.

We deliver value by reducing strategic and operational risks of our clients by protecting and securing their human capital, assets, intellectual property and reputationthereby ensuring continuity of business objectives.

Our core team featuring Risk Management experts from Consulting, Project/Programme Management, Armed Forces and Law Enforcement background bring decades of experience gained from addressing global complexities.

RECON operates globally through the core team of consultants based in India and network of affiliates in United Kingdom, Middle East and Africa.