Information Security

  • Information Security Assessments:

    Conduct rapid, comprehensive assessments to determine how effectively your organization's security technologies and policies are implemented, providing a quick view into your organization's protective status, auditing for security compliances, helping you focus on areas where there may be opportunities for improvement, and ensuring your security programs are up to date and effective.

  • Information security design and framework:

    Every organisation has different Info sec needs based on desired levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability of data. We can frame your Info sec processes to take care of all these needs and more.

  • Incident Management and Response:

    Take charge of your incident response plan and make informed decisions to mitigate exposure and risk in the wake of a data security issue.

  • IT Forensics:

    Our team of experts can follow digital trails, uncover critical information, and conduct forensic analysis and electronic investigation to piece together facts that bring out the truth in claims of fraud, financial tampering, computer crime, employee misconduct and other wrong doing.

  • VAPT (Vulnerability assessment and Penetration Testing):

    We can help you find gaps in your information system processes and technology, data networks, data security systems, and security frameworks before someone else does without your knowledge.

  • Social Engineering:

    Vulnerability to social engineering has increased manifold after the spurt in social networking sites and their subscription. Prevalent methods like pre texting, diversion theft, IVR or phone phishing, baiting, and quid pro quo can effectively target your employees and thereby your organisation and compromise your information security. Our experts can establish security processes and policies to mitigate this risk. We also conduct awareness training for employees and leaders.