Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention seeks to identify the roadblocks which impede realisation of management's aim by working collaboratively with business on the principles of Prevention, Awareness, Compliances, Detection, Investigation and Resolution.

Our consultants seek to bridge the gap between goals / objective of top management and the actual deliverables on the grass root level, thereby tightening all the revenue leakage points and contributing directly to the bottom line of businesses.

Our methodology begins at top management where business is conceptualised, thereafter risk factors are evaluated and necessary controls are instated while keeping he operational compulsions in mind. Necessary compliances are monitored by evaluation of various business controls and reports, data analysis and pattern recognition. If any deviation is noted, be it due to processes or malicious intent, same is investigated and root cause analysis is carried out leading to identification of ideal mitigation process and assistance in rolling out to ensure a foolproof and healthy business.

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