Physical Security

Macro and Micro Environment Analysis
Analysis of the macro and micro security environment with information on the geography, demography, administration, socio-economic issues, communications, transportation, law and order, medical and fire fighting facilities and other relevant issues.

Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment
Preparation of risk matrix from assessment of risks' emerging from likely internal and external threats to the operations, assets or human capital resulting into implementable and best in class recommendations from a people, process and technology perspective.

Site Survey and System Audits
Assessment of existing security architecture and gap analysis.

System Design and Integration
Designing of bespoke security architecture incorporating the risk mitigating recommendations and business objectives by integrating the people, process and technological controls resulting into accountable security process ownership.

Policy and Procedures creation
Creation of enterprise security Policy and Procedure, Standard Operating Procedures and Duties by working in the close collaboration of senior management and process owners to ensure continued business operations and adherence to industry best practices.

Implementation support and Project Management
Support during the implementation to include preparation of roll-out plan, technical specifications, Bill of Quantity, cost estimation, bid-management to ensure end to end compliance and risk-management.

Training and Change Management
Management and employee awareness and security manpower training to ensure 'secure work place and culture' till the grass root level and optimum utilization of installed controls.

Electronic Counter Surveillance/Technical Surveillance Counter Measures
Thorough checking, debugging and sanitization of sensitive premises/chambers/area like conference rooms, senior management offices, board rooms for any unauthorized presence of electronic eavesdropping devices, audio/video listening device and other similar devices to prevent leakage of sensitive information. The chambers are checked for unauthorized audio or video listening devices, faulty telephone line/instrument and audio leakage, if any.

Risk Outsourcing Leadership
Outsourcing the risk management leadership to our consultants and nodal officers to ensure best in class security leadership and also leverage on the vast expertise and full time commitment of RECON resources.

Event & Executive protection
We ensure a successful, safe and secure conduct of corporate events, meetings, incentives, conferences and gatherings. We also provide close protection experts, who with their subtle yet effective presence ensure the highest quality of protection and safety for our select clientele of senior executives and high net worth individuals.

Emergency/Crisis management
We provide bespoke crisis management and damage control services to overcome disruption and protect our client's reputation.